Fun web stuff

Video channels

  • Tom Scott

    interesting places, science, linguistics, computing, random knowledge.

  • Numberphile

    videos about interesting math bits.

  • LGR / LGR Blerbs

    anyone who giggles at 3d font creation software on a windows 98 computer setup is just alright with me.

  • Techmoan

    old and weird tech reviews.

  • Rescue & Restore

    restoration of vintage toys and such. very satisfying to watch.

  • Odd Tinkering

    also restorations, but this person does gaming consoles and if you haven't seen a yellowed gameboy return to pristine condition thanks to a combination of hydrogen peroxide and uv light, then what are you still doing here

  • Peaceful Cuisine

    lovely cooking videos with no music, no talking, only gentle sounds (look for the ASMR tagged videos)

  • Brian David Gilbert

    multitalented comedy person

  • Vsauce

    science, but, like, weird?