about me

Sooo, here we are. I am so excited about this small web / bespoke internet / etc. phenomenon, and people's creativity here blows me away. I, however, am struggling a bit with deciding on a visual theme¹, and a screen name², and what kind of pages I want to make, and how much personal information I want to put here. When I first got ~the internet~, around 1999, even telling people your real name was a big no-no (well, at least for me I guess, I was a child), and I kind of want to go back to that.

I aim for this website to be a cool place to explore at your own pace. Nothing more, nothing less.

¹It's been a while since I wrote this, I decided on having all the visual themes at once and I struggle no more

²I don't think I'm changing it at this point. I hate the pressure of choosing a username so I just used what I call one of my cats sometimes.

current goals for this site:

  • set things up to update the site through the neocities api OR get a supporter account and do ftp
  • find way to share playlists without youtube/spotify embeds
  • make a credits / resources page
  • make a flash games recommendations page
  • make a desktop ui-like page
  • make an html/css tips page? maybe?
  • make an art gallery page?
  • make a bunch more pages
  • add section with the covers of my favorite albums to music page
  • organize files
  • make a neocities links page
  • make an internet memories page
  • make a music page

some things about me:

  • i work as a web developer, used to do it as a hobby only and it took a while to even consider it as a career. before that, i studied linguistics.
  • i have two cats
  • i have anxiety and am avoidant as fuck
  • taurus sun/moon, gemini asc. if you're into that
  • i have passed the age i used to tell people on the internet i was, when i wanted to seem olderi'm 32, born in '89
  • i feel my best at night
  • according to this d&d character quiz, i am a neutral good human ranger/wizard, which sounds pretty cool. i've never played d&d.
  • i am uncomfortable with the amount of "i"s on this list


  • the late 90s / early 00s internet (no shit)
  • music
  • tea
  • front end programming
  • linguistics
  • cooking and eating
  • nature
  • videogames
  • pixel art
  • art
  • stationery products
  • spring and fall
  • likes and dislikes lists


  • noise
  • anxiety
  • crowds
  • sports
  • beer
  • talking about my feelings
  • phone calls
  • waking up too early

currently misses because of global pandemic:

  • seeing family / friends
  • cafés
  • sitting on the grass
  • car rides
  • (uncrowded) public transport rides
  • my old neighborhood
  • places i've travelled to

header font: blau 7pt